Facebook Ad Master Reveals the Unorthodox, 6 Step, Formula that he Uses to Get cut his Ad Cost by 30-50% By Taking Advantage of Facebook's News Ad Feed Algorithm.
(All This Happens By Giving Facebook What it Wants... Watch Below to Learn How)
  • The Full Facebook Ad Maturing System
    You'll get all of the details on why bidding low and being a little more patient is the secret to creating ads that are insanely cheap (as long as you follow the formula and get good engagement... more on that in the next bullet point). Use This in the first 48 Hour of the Life of Your Ad and You'll See a Drastic Change in Cost.
  • Our 6 Part "Unorthadox Ads" Creation Formula
    6 Powerful Pieces that you must focus on in order to create an ad that is a little "odd". This simple ad creative formula makes ads that are shareable and hard not to click on. Yes... This Type of Ad Creative makes People want to SHARE Your Ad.
  • Our Simple Ad Image Creation Formula
    I'll show you the powerful psychological triggers that I use when selecting an ad image. Doing this will take a few extra minutes when you look for an ad image, but the results make it worth it in a big way.
  • The Brand Image Secret
    Most people don't realize how much this special little image matters to your ad. When you shift how you use this image, however, you'll notice a big spike in engagement because people stop feeling marketed to.
  • Our Ad Headline Formula
    This is worth 100x what you'll pay for the course. You could ignore everything else in the course and this one thing would change your ad clickthrough immediately (but don't ignore the other stuff... I want you to get every advantage possible in your next ad campaign!)
  • The Ad Comment/Like/Share Secret
    I'll show you why my ads get a ton of likes, comments, and shares, while most people can't even get link clicks. I'll also walk you through why getting likes, comments and shares is extremely important to your ad spend going down.
  • How to Put it All Together in 1 Ad
    You'll learn how to put everything you learn about my ad formula together to create an ad that plays perfectly into Facebook's Ad Algorithm.
Ben Adkins has written thousands of high converting facebook ads in the past 5 years. He specializes in helping small business owners and the world's top entrepreneurs to Profitably spread the message about their product or service on Facebook using the Ad Platform.

Inside of the Program, Ben will walk you through the Unorthodox Ad Creation System he developed in order to get his clients more traffic and more sales (without breaking the bank to get there).
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